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Baskets by Jacky: Review

Baskets by Jackie
Baskets by Jackie
Baskets by Jackie

One of the joys of reviewing products are the hand-written notes that some folk include with a product package. Why? We're not sure. It's just one way to add something positive into the mix. Some people take such great care with this item and it shows. Jacky is one of those thoughtful note givers. She's also the perfect person to send gift baskets for a living!

Her package was so thoughtful. Her included note was so thoughtful. Every item in the basket, well, thoughtful. Even the box itself was beautiful. It was so well packed. It really stuck out how that the pretty confetti-like paper and the extra packing was on the bottom of the box, while the goodies were on top of all of this.

Personally, we appreciate Jacky and what she does for a living. Put her to work for you and you will be pleased too. We're not always easy to please either.

We received the following;

3 long stem, sugar-coated, heart-shaped suckers
1 Shower Parlour Bag: Shower Cap with Kisses by Spa Sister
1 Pair of small, pink, fuzzy slippers
1 Ultralight Sleep Mask by Bucky
1 Ceramic Cup-n-Saucer Candle, in a Small, Plastic Box with a Bow Wrapping
1 Elegant Bag Hanger Made with Genuine Crystals (Purse Hanger)
1 4 Ounce Bottle of Therapeutic Balm Foot Repair by Earth Therapeutics
1 6 Ounce Bottle of Antioxidant Skin Defense Green Tea Herbal Lotion by Earth Therapeutics
1 Pink, Foot File with a Long Handle

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