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'Basketball Wives LA': Will there be a round 2 in the Draya and Sundy fight?

Draya and Sundy continue to argue on Twitter while new episode of "Basketball Wives LA" airs.

The most recent episode of "Basketball Wives LA" had the women meeting in Palm Springs for a little rest and for them to have a chance to bond. Of course that never happens and the evening ended with Draya and Sundy sparring. On March 25, Sister 2 Sister reported that the "BBWLA" stars were still fighting it out via Twitter while the episode was airing.

Draya showed up to the Palm Springs retreat a bit late. She and Malaysia were already drinking and Draya was visibly tipsy. Drama escalated when Jackie tried to talk to Draya about the Orlando Scandrick cheating drama from the previous episode.

Not to be outdone, Sundy jumps in and begins arguing. Draya was visibly trying to enjoy herself in Palm Springs and to avoid confrontation but sometimes it just can't be avoided. As Draya said during the episode, she was minding her own business until she was "provoked." Then she proved that she is not one to mess with.

Sundy and Draya began arguing when Sundy asked Draya about her son. Sundy began questioning Draya's ability to parent and even brought up that Draya's son went to public school and Sundy's went to private. She also mocked Draya by calling her by her former stripper name, "Miami."

Draya got upset and called Sundy "ratchet" under her breath. Sundy didn't even hear her but ever the mess-maker, Jackie made sure to repeat it loud enough for Sundy to hear. After a bit of provocation, Draya clearly had enough.

Draya lunged at Sundy and got a few good punches in before being separated. Sundy looked like she had never been in a fight in her life and Draya looked like she was ready to step in the boxing ring. Sundy ended up with a gnarly black eye.

Draya acknowledged Sundy's black eye on Twitter last night saying, "Some things are worth standing up for..... The type of b**** who talks about another women's son usually ends up with a black eye."

Sundy was also active on Twitter during the episode, claiming that Draya may have blackened her eye but that she already was paid back twice. Then Sundy offered several times for a meetup where the two could square off again.

Draya and Sundy have begun quite a battle over while troublemaker Jackie sits back and acts innocent. Do you think Jackie is the instigator in all this mess between Draya and Sundy? Will it blow up in Jackie's face in upcoming episodes? Do you think Draya and Sundy will come to blows again?

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