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'Basketball Wives LA': The drama is real with Draya Michele and Chantel Christie

Draya Michele of "Basketball Wives LA" thinks the other women start drama with her to stay relevant.

The drama went to a whole new level this week on "Basketball Wives LA" after Chantel Christie confronted Draya Michele about her dealing with Orlando Scandrick. On April 1, Mstartz reported that Jackie Christie was just trying to clear things up when she surprised Draya with a meetup.

Draya has said that Jackie Christie asked her if she would be willing to meetup with Jackie's daughter Chantel and try to hash out their differences. Draya declined the meetup, clearly not interested in the feud any longer.

Rather than respecting Draya's wishes and dropping the request for a meetup, Jackie took it into her own hands. Is anyone surprised by this? In any case, during a meetup between Jackie and Draya, Chantel just popped up and surprised Draya, who was clearly uncomfortable with the very obvious setup.

During the unwanted meeting, Jackie said her intent was to clear the air between Draya and Chantel. It is unclear if that was truly her intention and she is just clueless or if Jackie was causing extra drama between the two on purpose.

Draya and Chantel ultimately ended up arguing even more about the Orlando Scandrick cheating scandal. Draya insists that Orlando met Chantel prior to them dating and that Orlando wasn't interested. Chantel insists he was clearly interested and that it was during a time when Draya was with him. Neither of them will let it die.

The pair even took to Twitter and Instagram during the airing of episode 7 to keep arguing about Orlando Scandrick. At one point, obviously fed up, Chantel Christie shared screenshots of some of her conversations with Orlando dated June 13 of last year. Since Draya and Orlando recently celebrated a year together, that puts Chantel talking to Orlando inside of their relationship timeline.

Chantel has since taken the screenshots down but Mediatakeout didn't miss them and has them posted for all to see. The evidence looks pretty bad for Orlando in this case. Through all of this, Chantel keeps trying to make the point that she wasn't trying to be messy. She really was just looking out for Draya and wanted her to know what Scandrick was doing behind her back since Draya was obviously so smitten. Of course she should have just gone to Draya herself rather than letting her mom do it. Jackie Christie can't seem to do anything without making a mess of it.

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