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'Basketball Wives LA': Sundy Carter says Draya didn't give her a black eye

Sundy claims that Draya is not the one who delivered the eye-blackening blow.
VH1 Press

Sundy Carter is speaking out now about the brawl between herself and Draya on "Basketball Wives LA" episode 6. On March 31, Mstarz reported that Sundy is saying Draya did not deliver the eye-blackening blow that she is taking credit for.

Sundy has taken to Twitter to set the record straight as far as the brawl with Draya goes. She claims that it wasn't Draya who hit her but instead she says it was Malaysia Pargo. After hearing for days about how she was beat up by Draya, apparently Sundy had enough and wanted to make sure fans knew that Draya can't take her.

Tweets from @SundyCarter

@MalaysiaPargo hit me while I was held f*ck y'all 4 coming on my page this early abt stupid sh*t

Well @MalaysiaPargo then she got the message & knows what she did u ain't low passed off that good old gold cuff & snuck me take ya credit

Maybe this explains why Draya didn't take Sundy up on any of her many offers to meet up for a rematch. If Malaysia did indeed sneek Sundy while she was held down, that is just dirty. Sundy claims she beat Draya up twice.

Draya, ignoring the offers to rematch, had some words for Sundy on Twitter as well. "She is calling Sundy out for talking so badly about her child. ome things are worth standing up for..... The type of b**** who talks about another women's son usually ends up with a black eye," fired Draya.

In any case, there are a lot of women in the wrong on "Basketball Wives LA." For Sundy to be talking about Draya's child and her parenting abilities the way she did was just flat wrong. Especially after she got so upset at Brandi for asking about her own issues with her daughter.

What do you think of the Draya/Sundy fight? It kind of makes sense now to think that maybe Draya didn't blacken her eye after all.

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