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'Basketball Wives LA' star Malaysia Pargo files for divorce from baller husband

"Basketball Wives LA" star Malaysia Pargo has filed for divorce.
"Basketball Wives LA" star Malaysia Pargo has filed for divorce.
Malaysia Pargo/Instagram

After months of rumors about their rocky relationship, Malaysia Pargo of "Basketball Wives LA" has finally filed for divorce. This news comes after a few veiled Twitter posts by Jannero Pargo about trouble in the relationship and a relatively classy social media response from Malaysia. The reality TV star isn't planning to walk away with nothing either according to the TMZ report on Saturday.

Jannero Pargo is currently a point guard for the Charlotte Hornets and from the sounds of his tweets, he really messed up. From what we've seen on "Basketball Wives LA," it takes a lot to have Malaysia quit on someone. Back in January he posted a message to Twitter that said, “S*** i got 2 liv wit the fact i did u wrong 4ever[sic]" A later tweet by Jannero contained a picture and said “Once a good girl has gone bad, she’s gone forever.” That's when the rumors started.

In response to the semi-cryptic messages from Jannero, Malaysia tweeted her response, “Don’t worry, I’m not f*** up about it. At All. Carry on. God bless.” In true Malaysia fashion, she can be passive aggressive and classy at the same time. We definitely get it Malaysia, you are done. She then posted her own photo with a caption that read, "Forgive, not because they deserve forgiveness but because you deserve peace."

The divorce documents were filed by Malaysia, whose real name is Laquisha Pargo. According to the paperwork, Jannero and Malaysia have been separated since December 2012. Malaysia is asking for spousal support and child support as well as full physical and legal custody of their 3 children. She also wants Jannero to pay her legal fees.

As far as why celebrities air their dirty laundry on social media for all to see, we probably never will know. Watching this story unfold on season four of "Basketball Wives LA' will definitely be interesting.