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'Basketball Wives LA' star Jackie Christie posts then deletes nude selfie

Actress Jackie Christie attends Star Scene Stealers Event at Tropicana Bar at The Hollywood Rooselvelt Hotel on October 1, 2013 in Hollywood, California.
Photo by Michael Buckner

Jackie Christie of "Basketball Wives LA" is another on the long list of celebs who will learn about social media the hard way. You just can't post a picture online and think that once it's deleted that it will disappear. On Tuesday, Jackie posted a nude picture of herself to Instagram and then deleted it shortly after. The problem is, the picture has been saved for the world to see and on Wednesday Hip Hollywood reported on the shocking picture share.

The "accidental" nude selfie featured the oldest "BBWLA" cast member from the waist up. At least that's where it looks like Ms. Christie's assets were resting. It's unclear what possessed the reality TV star to post the shot to social media. Apparently it was accidental but who knows? Jackie Christie is constantly doing things that make no sense and have fans of the show shaking their head.

Remember when Jackie and Doug were designing their cognac bottle? Did Jackie really think anyone would want a liquor bottle that featured the shape of her and her husband's nude bodies? Jackie is pushing 45-years old and isn't defying nature. Let's just say this picture should have been kept between herself and Doug. We're assuming that's who it was originally taken for.

The matron of "Basketball Wives" has notoriously been extra sexual on the show. She talks often about her sex life and the things she is willing to do to please her husband Doug Christie. She has gone so far as to give the other women marriage and relationship advice. Even though Jackie is known for her erratic behavior, many of the past and present cast members of "Basketball Wives LA" pay attention and respect her 17 year marriage to former NBA player Doug Christie. Their marriage does seem pretty solid but that is probably more to Doug's credit than to Jackie's.

So back to Jackie Christie's nude Instagram picture. It's way too explicit to link here but for those who just have to see it, a google search and it'll pop up. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

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