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'Basketball Wives LA' rumors: Draya, Shaunie O'Neal and talk of quitting

Sick of the drama, Draya announces she will be leaving the show.
Photo courtesy of VH1 Press, used with permission

The rumor mill has been buzzing this week with news of Draya Michele quitting 'Basketball Wives LA' after this season. People are also saying that Draya and Shaunie O'Neal have drama over her departure from the show. It seems all this hoopla centers around just a couple of tweets. According to Enstarz on Friday, those tweets from Draya meant the end of her "Basketball Wives LA' career but that looks to be just a rumor.

Many speculate that Draya was pushed over the edge after her well publicized fight with Sundy Carter. She has been the object of much shade this season as some of the newer members of the "BBWLA" cast took turns picking at her.

The drama between Draya and Sundy started when Sundy repeatedly brought up Draya's former career as stripper. It is unclear why she mentioned it so many times because everybody already knew about Draya's not-so-wholesome start. Sundy went on and on about Draya on all fours, asking for tips. That is what a stripper does so it's just not a shocker.

Draya also had issues with new cast member Brittish Williams. The two went rounds after the first episode when Brittish asked Draya, "Are you a hoe?" No surprise again that Draya didn't take it well. For many episodes, Draya referred to Brittish as the "chubby one" and pretended not to know her name, calling her everything but Brittish.

The drama really exploded when Jackie Christie brought Sundy and Malaysia along to tell Draya that she thought her man was cheating. In true Jackie style, she just wouldn't drop the issue even after Draya told her she didn't care and didn't want to hear it. That drama turned into an all-out feud after Jackie involved her daughter Chantel Christie by having her pop up when Jackie and Draya were meeting to talk.

Draya's boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, as made it clear that he wishes she would leave "Basketball Wives LA." He feels like she really doesn't need the show anymore now that she has him and her Mint Swim career. She probably doesn't but it still doesn't mean she's leaving.

A series of tweets from Draya started tongues really wagging about Draya's departure. The tweets in question read:

Feels like a tremendous weight has been lifted from my shoulders

Won’t catch me arguing with the chicks I made semi-famous any longer. They gonna have to carry themselves or fight with each other

Some said she was going to get her own show and others decided she was just quitting altogether. None of this information came from Draya though and requests from Examiner for her to clear this up went ignored.

There are also rumors that Draya and Shaunie O'Neal are beefing over Draya leaving the show but there is absolutely nothing to substantiate that. Draya has already come out on Twitter and said, "Despite what blogs may report...I have nothing but love and the up most respect for Shaunie O'Neal...How could I not, she gave me a chance." There you have it, no beef between Draya and Shaunie.

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