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'Basketball Wives LA' reunion show preview: More drama on it's way?

This was definitely the most dramatic (and highest rated) season yet for "Basketball Wives LA."
This was definitely the most dramatic (and highest rated) season yet for "Basketball Wives LA."
Used with permission from VH1 press

The finale has aired for "Basketball Wives LA" and it was full of drama to the point where some may not even be asked back next year. Now the reunion show is coming up and the buzz surrounding the show says more drama on it's way. On Thursday a Christian Post report speculates on what will happen during the show.

There has been a lot of talk about an apology from Sundy Carter. That seems pretty out of character for Sundy but maybe she thinks it will save her from being booted from the show. Rumor has it that executive producer Shaunie O'Neal is so disgusted by the thing she said in Paris that she probably won't be back next season.

Sundy has already apologized for the nasty things she said to Brandi Maxiell on her VH1 blog but will she apologize to her face? There is also a rumor that Sundy plans to apologize to Draya. Remember that she also said some real mean things not only about Draya's former stripping career but also about her parenting skills and her son.

Sundy came out swinging at Draya from day one and no one really knows why. When she bad mouths Draya, it's all about how she used to be a stripper but that's not new news. She also brings up Draya's former parenting issues and that is old too. So what's the real deal? We all know that Sundy has just as many skeletons in her closet as Draya does.

We do know that Draya will not be on set with the rest of the women. Many are taking this as a sign that she won't be back next season or that she's getting her own spin-off show. It could be that they are just separating Draya and Sundy because they already got physical once.

What does Jackie Christie have in store for us? It's obvious that she truly feels like she does not cause the drama but those who watch know she instigates most of it. Matter of fact, it's very likely she told Sundy to amp up the drama in order to keep her spot. Ratings are everything of course, until you totally cross the line.

It'll be interesting to see the interaction between Jackie and Malaysia. Will they be friends again? Probably not because Malaysia looks really over it all. Jackie swears she really likes Malaysia and is putting on the "poor me" act where that is all concerned. She really doesn't seem to understand that a good amount of drama between the other women is her fault. She mixes it all up, then stands back and watches the fire.

Will Chantel Christie make an appearance? Jackie did an excellent job of stirring up drama where even Chantel says there should have been on. The supposed love triangle between Chantel, Draya and Orlando Scandrick started off early in the season. Just recently Chantel has been telling people it really wasn't that serious but that didn't stop her from trading jabs on Instagram and Twitter with Draya for months.

Are you watching the "Basketball Wives LA" reunion on Monday night? What are you looking forward to seeing the most?

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