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'Basketball Wives LA' reunion host solves the mystery of Sundy's black eye

John Salley solves the mystery of Sundy's black eye.
VH1 Press

Sundy Carter was hit by one of the "Basketball Wives LA" cast members but there seemed to be some confusion over which woman was to blame. When Draya took to Twitter to brag about the beating, Sundy made it seem like it was Malaysia who threw the punch. On April 7 Mstarz says that John Salley knows who blackened Sundy's eye and he spills the beans.

Draya was bragging all over Twitter about the black eye she gave Sundy. That's when Sundy fired back on Twitter also and said that Draya was taking credit for something she didn't do. According to Sundy, it was Malaysia who snuck the blow while Sundy was being held down.

Sundy tweeted:

@Drayaface got her a*s whipped bottom line @MalaysiaPargo hit me while I was held f*ck y'all 4 coming on my page this early abt stupid sh*t

Well @MalaysiaPargo then she got the message & knows what she did u ain't low passed off that good old gold cuff & snuck me take ya credit.

Now John Salley has spoken out about the "Basketball Wives LA" brawl. Salley spoke to the crew over at The Breakfast Club and claimed he saw all the footage of the incident and not just the edited part. According to John Salley, it was indeed Draya who landed the eye-blackening punch to Sundy's face.

When asked about the scene Salley had this to say, "I saw the full joint. I was straight up Draya. Sundy's mom and sister have the video on their phone when she as being held and pulled away and Draya slipped around and socked her in the eye, and so they got who socked her in the eye.

It's unclear why Sundy would want everyone to think that Malaysia hit her instead of Draya. Of course there is the possibility that Sundy doesn't even know who or what hit her.

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