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'Basketball Wives LA' gossip: Brittish and Sundy are no longer friends?

Brittish says Sundy blocked her on social media and she doesn't know why.
Brittish says Sundy blocked her on social media and she doesn't know why.
Brittish Williams/Twitter

Brittish Williams and Sundy Carter weren't best friends on season 3 of "Basketball Wives LA" but they were friends. Both women are mutual friends with the reality TV show veteran Jackie Christie and by default, they ended up on the same side in a feud that lasted the whole season. Now it looks like Brittish and Sundy friends at all according to a Tuesday report from Sister 2 Sister.

Maybe it's for the best that Sundy and Brittish aren't chummy anymore. Sundy isn't exactly popular and has drawn much criticism from other reality TV stars like Shaunie O'Neal and Erica Mena. Many were really upset with the things she said during the "Basketball Wives LA" season about Draya's son and about Brandi Maxiell's battle with ovarian cancer. According to Sundy, she fights dirty and the gloves were off. Most people aren't okay with that though because if she'll say it to Draya and Brandi, what will she say to others when an argument erupts?

Brittish did some serious image cleanup between the first episodes of the VH1 hit and the end of the series. She started out known as the "firecracker" and didn't get invited to certain events because others didn't want to fight with her. In the end she was trying to be the peacemaker and bring both sides together. Perhaps Sundy didn't like that Brittish was friends with both sides? It's not clear and according to Brittish, she doesn't know why Sundy blocked her on Twitter. All she knows is that she blocked Sundy back.

Brittish did charge Sundy with apologizing for all the wrong reasons though. She said, "I can say very mean things and I can be reckless but there are just certain lines you don't cross. It kind of leaves you at a loss for words." Brittish says Sundy is apologizing because everyone demands an apology but not because she actually feels sorry for the things she said. At this point it probably doesn't even matter because Sundy Carter is very likely not coming back to reality TV in any form and Brittish Williams certainly will.