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'Basketball Wives LA' feuds: Draya doesn't know why Sundy doesn't like her

Draya Michele of "Basketball Wives LA" doesn't know why the other wives are always starting drama with her.

Draya Michele of "Basketball Wives LA" always seems to have drama with the other ladies. On March 24, Mstarz reported on the Draya vs. Sundy feud that has recently turned physical.

In a recent interview, Draya told The Insider that she has surprised by this feud that has developed between her and Sundy Carter. Draya and Sundy reported came to blows recently at a pre-Oscar party that the "Bastketball Wives LA" stars attended.

This Sundy girl. The way that she talks about me in her interviews, as if she has a real problem with me so I just had to ask her like, 'What is wrong with you? Did I steal your boyfriend in high school? I couldn't have because you're 40. Like I wasn't born yet when you were in high school.' So, it's like arguing with just like a dummy.

It takes drama and ratings to stay on a show like "Basketball Wives LA." As a newcomer to the show, Sundy Carter is fighting to stay featured. Is that possibly why she keeps picking fights with Draya?

Draya had no beef with Sundy at all until Sundy started poking at her. First, Sundy brought Draya's past job as a stripper up again. This was old news to fans of the show though and no one cared. Then when Jackie Christie planned to break the news of Orlando Scandrick possibly cheating with her daughter Chantel, Sundy insisted on being there. It was Sundy who instigated the public confrontation rather than letting Jackie tell Draya privately.

Draya has worked hard this season to stay out of the "BBWLA" drama. Unfortunately, the other ladies are constantly trying to dredge up her past and drag her back into the cat fight.

What are your thoughts on the Draya/Sundy feud? Do you think Draya has done anything to cause this fight or are the other ladies picking at her?

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