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'Basketball Wives LA' Draya rumored to be leaving for her own show

The rumor mill is going nuts with reports of a Draya spin-off show.

Draya has admitted that she is embarrassed about the fighting and drama this season on "Basketball Wives LA." She has been dropping less than subtle hints all season about wanting her own show and it looks like that may be happening. On April 9, Mstarz reported on the possible Draya spin-off show.

Draya sent out a message on Twitter that has many talking. Draya's tweet reads, "Won't catch me arguing with the chicks I made semi-famous any longer. They gonna have to carry themselves or fight with each other." Some think it is a cryptic message about Draya leaving the show. Others think the message just meant that she will no longer bicker and argue with the other women on "Basketball Wives LA."

There have even been other reports about Draya leaving "Basketball Wives LA." One report in particular by Mediatakeout has already been refuted by the reality TV starlet. They claim that she walked out on filming and told off Shaunie O'Neal on the way out.

That is totally not true according to Draya. When she heard the rumors about her words with Shaunie, Draya went straight to Twitter to straighten that out. She wrote, "Despite what blogs may report... I have nothing but love & the up most respect for Shaunie Oneal ... How could I not, she gave me a chance[sic]"

At this point it might be a good idea for Draya to have her own spin-off show. She definitely has the following for it. Draya has more Twitter followers than any of the other "Basketball Wives LA" cast and it seems more people tune in to see her each week too. She might be right. As the most popular person on the show, picking fights with her is sure to bring attention to the others.

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