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'Basketball Wives LA': Chantel Christie proves Orlando was cheating on Draya

Chantel Christie posted proof to Instagram that Orlando was cheating.
Chantel Christie/Instagram

Chantel Christie has had enough of the back and forth drama with Draya Michele. On April 2, Enstarz reported that Chantel dug deep in her text messages and Skype account and finally showed proof that Orlando is a cheater.

Throughout the Orlando Scandrick cheating scandal, Draya has maintained that her man is innocent. She even explained to Jackie Christie that her daughter Chantel hooked up with Orlando's friend, not Orlando. Chantel says that is not the truth and insists she was hanging out with Orlando himself before she knew he was with Draya.

The fight was on after Jackie told Draya about Chantel and Orlando and the drama just keeps going. At this point, the information that Jackie shared doesn't seem to be the issue but rather the way she delivered it. When telling a friend that the man she is in love with is cheating on her, it's best not to do it in front of a crowd. Especially when one of the women in attendance is only there for the drama and gossip.

The fight got even more heated after the latest episode when Chantel popped up while Jackie and Draya were together. Draya was upset and felt sideswiped. She had been asked to meet with Chantel and said no. It was not cool to force a meetup anyway. Draya will surely get payback for that.

After an intense Twitter battle between Draya and Chantel while the episode was airing for the first time, Chantel got to work digging up proof. She posted pictures of the text messages between herself and Orlando as well as a copy of the Skype invitation he sent her. The images were quickly removed from her Instagram account but not plenty of people saved them. Mediatakeout was first to post pictures of the evidence and it looks bad for Orlando.

All correspondence between Chantel and Orlando was marked June 2013. Draya and Orlando recently celebrated a year together. June 2013 was less than a year ago. You do the math.

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