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'Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada naked photos leaked online

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"Basketball Wives" co-star Evelyn Lozada is truly experiencing the phrase 'karma is a bitch' as naked photos --intended for a former boyfriend's eyes only--have hit the internet.

On the hit VH1 reality show "Basketball Wives", Lozada --NBA baller Antoine Walker's ex-fiance-- has taken the strong stance of looking down on co-star Royce Reed for her "un-becoming activities" constantly popping up on internet blogs. 

Now Evelyn has found herself in an internet scandal of her own.

On Thursday (April 22), naked photos of the 35-year-old mother somehow made their way online, including the celebrity blog The Young, Black & Fabulous.

(Whose behavior is "un-becoming" now, Evelyn?)

In related "Basketball Wives" news, Shaquille O'Neal's soon-to-be ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal appeared on the red carpet with her new 23-year-old boytoy Marlon Yates on Thursday (April 22). The new couple was all smiles at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood Style party.

Are you a fan of "Basketball Wives"? How do you feel about Evelyn and her recent photoshoot? Please leave a comment below.

Link to uncensored photos here. WARNING: The photos contain nudity.


  • belinda 5 years ago

    that is what she gets, I watch this show, and I thought that she was very mean and thought she was better than everybody, so I with alone with alot of others, say goody goody goody, and I hope that your daughter see this. She was so quick to say something about Royce, who is young, but her old behind is still taking pictures of herself and sending them to somebody. Another thing nobody on this show is actually married but that one weave broad Jennifer, all these cows act like they came from money and that they were not groupies too, I would really like to see where they all came from before the money. Don't hate on the new groupies, they just taking the place of you cows. Please take a look in the mirror and remember how you got to be the girlfriend and please please please please remember no matter how you turn your nose down on others, you are still a groupie they didn't marry you either.... So in the end you are still a nobody..Oh a goupie with a kid.

  • San 5 years ago

    Evelyn is absolutely gorgeous...even goin girl...:-)

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    she is a judegemental whore who deserves no one. I have sons and I wouldnt want my sons or even my enemies sons to hook up with her. NOR my daughter as this skank is vicious

  • Wanda 3 years ago

    Whoever leaked the pics is someone trying to bring her down....

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