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Basketball Delight for the LA Couple


Looking for a good place to watch your favorite NBA teams shoot their way to the top (or in some cases, the bottom) of the charts? Having lived in Los Angeles for many years now, I've noticed that most of the popular sports bars are located outside of the downtown LA area, but those days are far behind us now. What might I be talking about, you ask? LA LIVE! This is the new hot-spot for fun, entertainment and a lot of food! Whether it's live ball you want to see at the Staples Center, or you're spending frugally and just want to catch the games on a nice, big TV, LA LIVE is the place to be for all your NBA needs. 

If you're dating a basketball fan like I am, then you're most likely aware that the Cavilers and our very own LA Lakers are neck and neck for first place and the Magic, the Jazz and the Nuggets aren't too far behind them. Moral of the story, it's a close race for everyone and your tiny, 27 " TV isn't cutting it anymore. 

You've got options. A strong favorite is the ESPN Zone located at 1011 S. Figueroa. There's a reason it's the favorite. They have over 150 flat screen TV's, food and drink specials and an arcade. I opt for The Yard House just a few doors down at 800 W. Olympic. It's not as packed as the ESPN Zone, plus they've got some great food and excellent outdoor seating. There is also, The Mixing Room located at the brand new JW LA LIVE Marriott. It's a smaller crowd with the same great sports bar food and numerous big screen TV's. For more information on any of these places, plus a glance at what else is in the area, please click on the following site:

So, whether you're a Lakers fan, a Magic fan, a Nuggets fan, or even a Nets fan, (by the way, I'm sorry for the crappy season) you're in for a real treat and a great date in the LA LIVE area. The only problem you two will have is deciding on which night to go. We've got a line-up of games everyday this week. So what will it be? Golden State and Miami this Tuesday? Utah and Phoenix on Thursday? What about the nine games airing this Saturday? The decision is all yours. If you'd like some help, I've included a list of this weeks upcoming games, right here:

Until next time, happy basketball dates to all of you and go team, go! ;)


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