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Basil varieties

Typically when we think of basil, large leaved sweet basil comes immediately to mind. But did you know there are many different varieties of basil? Here are some unusual basils you may not be familiar with.

Different varieties of basil are quite ornamental in containers.
Different varieties of basil are quite ornamental in containers.
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Did you know there are lots of different varieties of basil?
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  • Cinnamon basil has a scent of cinnamon, dark green leaves, pink flowers and purple red stalks. It is especially good paired with fresh fruit.
  • Globe basil, aka Greek basil forms a perfect globe shape with tiny leaves. This would be attractive in a container or as a border.
  • Lime basil has a zesty flavor and scent, and is perfect when sprinkled on salads, incorporated into salsa or used with chicken and fish.
  • Purple Dark Opal basil has the most lovely purple leaves. It is fantastic to make herbal vinegar as it tints the vinegar pink.
  • Thai basil has a spicy clove - anise flavor and is often used in Thai cooking.
  • Ararat basil has mottled green and purple leaves. Very intense flavor and scent.
  • Thai Holy basil is a religious herb of Hindus.
  • Thai Hairy Lemon basil has hairy leaves with a delicious lemony basil flavor.

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