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BLOG: Know the makeup color wheel

Remember the color wheel for beauty looks and makeup finds.
Many times we forget that the canvas a makeup artist works upon is not a blank paper, as is the case for most artists. Rather, there are shades and tints to be aware of for skin complexion. Skin tone ranges from porcelain skin to olive skin to chocolate skin.
The effect of adding a bright blue to a delicately pale skin is entirely different from applying this shadow to a rich brown. This may explain why better quality makeup is preferable-good quality makeup guarantees that the application of the chroma is the very color we fell in love with and spent our money on.
Consider also this effect on lips, a different hue from skin entirely. The shade of bright red is all too appealing until the realization that lips are not a crisp, clear white paper or even the shades of different skin complexions. Most lips range from pink, with possible tints of unimaginable colors like blues and purples. Therefore, red lipstick often needs layer of careful application to appreciate and reach its true bold and bright potential.
The color wheel is not something to forget after an introduction in a basic arts class. Rather it is the foundation for any makeup artist and or makeup lover. No greater beloved artwork is available to work passionately for than the human face and body. Therefore, spend time in learning the basics of the color wheel so that it is all one step closer to the mastery of the art and science of makeup.

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