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Basic Wedding Etiquette to reduce stress

First Kiss
First Kiss
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Weddings are in full bloom and can be the pinnacle of a fabulous day or the epitome of a crass and tasteless party. With months of endless planning it's easy to get carried away and to lose sight of what's important and why you're getting married to begin with. Suddenly requests are no longer requests but demands which can be the cause of many hurt feelings. Your partner, family and friends can be affected positively or negatively depending on how smooth the roller coaster ride happens to be..

Be considerate

Planning a wedding in the islands may be the wedding of your dreams but being disappointed because a family member can't financially afford to go should not be frowned upon. The wedding invitation is just that; an invitation or request for their presence at your event. Expecting family and friends to shell out thousands of dollars to come to an event which is out of their budget will only cause strain on the relationship between the two of you.

Stick within your budget

Anyone who has had a traditional wedding can vouch that it was not cheap and if you're not careful it takes only a matter of minutes to blow your budget. Simple items such as specialized stamps or wedding favors can add up very quickly especially if you're not keeping track of every cent so it's important to decide beforehand if the $300 bridesmaid gifts are necessary. Creating personal debt that will now be shared for a prestigious wedding can easily lead to financial woes early on in your marriage and cause stress that could have been avoided.

Partying it up

Though it's traditional to have a bachelor or bachelorette party before a wedding it doesn't mean it should be held the night before. Planning to have the party a few days before or the weekend prior to the big event will allow you to recuperate before the ceremony. Showing up drunk, with a hang over or too tired the day of your wedding is not only disrespectful but will cause you to be exhausted and not in the right frame of mind for your big day.

Losing your focus

Although this will be considered one of the most important days of your life remember that it's exactly that:one day. Ruining relationships with your family and friends or going into debt is not what you had in mind to begin with so stay focused and don't let the wedding take over your life. The wedding may last one day but a bad memory or ruined credit can last for years to come.


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