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Basic Manicure Tips you Need to be Using

Doing your own manicure can honestly be fun, not to mention save you a ton of money. I personally only get a manicure professionally done, maybe once a month, and that's to get my nails filed really well and get them cleaned up.

When doing your own manicure you need to remember these basics tips to give you the best looking and feeling nails ever.

Try to use a non-acetone based polish remover. The acetone is harmful to your nails and cuticles which can causes them to dry out. It maybe be easier to use this to remove your polish but the hazards aren't worth it.

Use an emery board file instead of a metallic one. Metallic files can be harmful to your nail and cause them to tear, resulting in weak and damaged nails. Go the easier, and cheaper, route and stick with the fun looking emery boards.

Never cut your cuticle. This can be a serious health hazard and cause all types of infection if it is not done properly. Instead, push your cuticle back. It doesn't the same thing but is a lot safer.

Never apply polish if your nails are wet. Leaving moisture like oil or water on your nail can cause the polish application to be different, causing it to result in an untidy and messy look. It's always best to wash your hands after filing and removing polish and then you can make sure that they are dry.
To keep your nails from turning yellow, make sure to apply a good base coat. The base coat not only makes your polish last longer but also protects your nail underneath it. I like Essie's all around base coat.

Always apply a top coat. This is mainly to make sure your manicure looks polished and finished. It also helps prevent chipping, which is a new manicure nightmare,

With these easy, basic tips your manic should be looking awesome every time you decide to do it! Leave a comment about your favorite manicure tip!

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