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Basic household items recycling options for everyone in Houston

Gloria's recycle bin
Gloria's recycle bin
Gloria Campos-Hensley

One environmental complaint about Houston is the lack of recycling centers and recycling programs available to Houstonians. This may be so, but there are more recycling opportunities than most people think. The list below is a listing of the easiest items to recycle.

A lot of recyclable material can be placed in recycled bins used for curbside recycling. Houstonians lucky enough to live in area where curbside recycling exists can easily find out what items are allowed in their recycling bin and what items are not allowed in the bin by visiting the City of Houston website and click on Recycling Overview.

To find out where to pick up a recycling bin call 311 or jot down the number on the side of the recycling truck when it comes by on the next recycling day. The rest of the Houstonians who do not have curbside recycling where they live still have plenty of opportunities to recycle these four basic items: paper, newspaper, magazines, and plastic.

The three easiest types of items to recycle in Houston are: paper, newspaper and magazine. Large blue or green recycling bins can be found at just about any elementary school, nonprofit organization such as a church or at a large chain local grocery store such as HEB. These large bins are usually parked in or near the parking lot so that they are of easy access to the people. Money is given back to the organization for every ton recycled at their location. It is an easy and eco-friendly fundraising opportunity.

Plastic recycling is a little different because it all depends on the plastic number label. To find out what number is on the bottom of a plastic container Houstonians can take a look at the bottom of the plastic containers. Most plastic grocery bags can be dropped off inside a Kroger, HEB, Wal-Mart or other local store. For other plastics there are large blue or green recycling bins like the paper ones, outside some local stores.

One thing for Houstonians to keep in mind is to try their best to reuse an item before taking it somewhere to recycle.