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Basic back training

Bringing sexy back
Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

People forget about the muscles they cannot see. Fact. A lot guys and girls only focus on the “mirror” muscles, working on their chest, biceps and abs. A dangerous practice indeed.

This can create strength imbalances between the chest and back, setting the stage for injury and poor posture.

Nobody wants that.

So guys, who wants those broad shoulders and a V tapered torso? Ladies, don't you want to start showing off those sexy shoulders and arms?

Back training will do this. Start here.

1. Standing single arm cable row.

A. Set the pulley of the cable machine to just below chest height and attach a handle. Choose a weight that allow you to do 15 repetitions.

B. Grab the handle and take a step back until you feel tension in the cable or resistance band with your arm fully extended in front of you.

C. Get your feet hip width apart and toes pointed forward. Bend your hips back slightly, puff out your chest and squeeze your butt to put your low back in neutral.

D. . Start the pulling movement with back first, and elbow second. Don’t let your elbow go past your torso .Repeat to yourself "wrist to rib-cage" Feel the “squeeze” in your shoulder blade.

E. Return to the starting position and do 3 sets of 12-15 reps on both arms.

No equipment? No problem. Do this.

2. Bent over towel row

A. Get yourself a large beach or bath towel. Loosely roll it up until you can hold it tightly in both hands. Put the middle of the towel underneath your mid foot.

B. Take a big step back with opposite leg so you’re in a split stance. Back leg should be straight and front knee should be slightly bent. Lean your torso over your front leg while keeping your lower back straight.

C. Pull the towel towards you as hard as you can. Your elbows will bend slightly. Feel that intense feeling in your back, arms and your hamstring? Your welcome

D. Pull for 30 sec. If doing more than once, swap feet positions.

Bringing your sexy back. What are you waiting for? Get started today.

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