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Basher book site offers fabulous freebies

Some of the many free activities, posters, games and more
Some of the many free activities, posters, games and more
Basher books

Basher books have been favorites of homeschoolers for years, since they do such a wonderful job of making any subject -- from the periodic table of elements to grammar -- fun and easy to understand.

The web site offers lots of fun freebies to accompany those lessons, absolutely free.

Downloads at the site include:

  • Printable copy of their whimsical periodic table
  • Wallpapers of earth and science images from the books
  • Poster: the solar system
  • Poster: human biology
  • Poster: chemistry lab
  • Poster: elements of our earth
  • Poster: math
  • Poster: punctuation
  • Poster: rocks and minerals

The site also offers two games -- an element quiz and an earth puzzle.

Perhaps most impressive are the 27 (and counting) activities you can use to extend the books. These include:

  • Basher Basics: Weather - What Type of Weather Am I Activity
  • Basher Basics: Punctuation - Dos and Don'ts Activity
  • Basher Science: Technology Inventorama Activity
  • Basher Basics: Grammar - What's the Word Activity
  • Basher Science: Oceans - Under the Seascape Activity
  • Basher Science: Technology - I Can't Live Without My...
  • Basher Science: Technology - The Crossword of Technology
  • Basher Science: Oceans - Where Do I Belong Activity
  • Basher Basics: Grammar - Plural and Possessive Power
  • Basher Basics: Dinosaurs - Connect the Dino Dots Activity
  • Basher Basics: Weather - Fair Weather Friends Activity
  • Basher Basics: Grammar - True or False Activity
  • Basher Basics: Punctuation - What's My Mark Activity
  • Basher Basics: Punctuation - Punctuation Consternation Activity
  • Basher Basics: Dinosaurs - Dino Scramble Activity
  • Basher Science: Oceans - Who Am I Activity
  • Basher Basics: Dinosaurs - You Be the Paleontologist Activity
  • Basher Basics: Weather - Fictional 5-day Forecast Activity
  • The Periodic Table - What Element Would You Be Activity
  • The Periodic Table - What Makes What
  • The Periodic Table - Crossword Activity
  • The Periodic Table - Word Find
  • Astronomy - Anagram Activity
  • Astronomy - Word Search Activity
  • Astronomy - Found it or Made it Activity
  • Astronomy - Size Wise Activity
  • Astronomy - Crossword Activity

The activities are issuu publications, which you can read on e-readers or online.

Be sure to explore the rest of the Basher site to find other neat fun and to sign up for the online newsletter.

Have fun!

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