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Baseball and the unprepared wife


"You're making me look bad," I said grinning, as I leaned over to my neighbor. She couldn't help but laugh as she continued to pull a second rain coat out of her backpack. "Sorry," she said smiling. "My mom always taught me to be prepared. I can't help it."

Having spent the majority of my adolescence in Girl Scouts, with my mom as the most diligent leader imaginable, I know she'll cringe at the aforementioned statement. I can hear it now. "Jeni Anne, I taught YOU to always be prepared too." Sorry mom.

Though I'd love to divert some of the responsibility of my very misguided packing strategy for last night's Twins vs. Yankees game, I'll take the blame. I deserve it.

So there we sat, my husband Patrick and I, all excited for the big game, when the first drop fell. I looked up. Then came another. Sure enough, Target Field was under a rain cloud, and I was unprepared.

After nearly four years of marriage, there are two things I should know very well. One; I, and I alone, am responsible for packing for all "necessities" for any type of outing Patrick and I decide to take. Simply put, history has proven this as the best method. Two; whenever we plan on ANY type of celebratory outdoor activity, we should expect inclement weather.

After a  windy rainstorm intruded on a cruise around Manhattan to celebrate our first anniversary, an unexpected restaurant closure disrupted our second anniversary (yes, I had reservations and everything) and a two-day downpour and power outage left us confined to a tent on our third anniversary, we've come to expect that where we celebrate, bad weather will follow. 

Twins fans, we apologize.

Needless to say, I wasn't overly surprised when the rain began to fall, thus putting a chilly and very wet twist on last night's baseball game. The fact that I was in no way ready to overcome it - well that's life. Sometimes we we win, sometimes we lose and sometimes we forget our rain jackets.

This, of course, didn't apply to the young couple next to us. They, instead, came fully prepared for a chance of rain with not one, not two, but three ponchos (one acting as a replacement if one of the others failed to function) PLUS a tarp for their laps. I've never seen anyone so prepared in my entire life. Did I mention they also had an umbrella?

Luckily for us, they were in a generous mood and lent us the nylon shield for a bit of desired protection. It worked great as the rain grew harder. Though a bit chilly, we were somewhat sheltered. Unfortunately, they're good deed didn't last long. Minutes later a clearly annoyed stadium worker demanded all umbrellas be closed until an official "Rain Delay" was declared.

I'd say Patrick and I "weathered the storm" quite well, only finally leaving our seats just 10 minutes before news of the game's official postponement. We were drenched, but as always, we were still smiling.

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