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Bartolo Colon trade rumors: Baltimore Orioles inquire about possible Mets trade

Bartolo Colon could be a good veteran starting pitcher with a contender.
Bartolo Colon could be a good veteran starting pitcher with a contender.
Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Bartolo Colon trade rumors include the Baltimore Orioles now. Among teams interested in making a trade with the New York Mets for Colon, the Orioles have most recently inquired about his availability. According to a report from CBS Sports on Thursday morning (July 31), the Orioles want to acquire the veteran starting pitcher if possible, but apparently the Mets haven't even officially decided if he is going to be dealt.

Teams like the Seattle Mariners and San Francisco Giants are also interested in the crafty veteran, but it is entirely unclear whether any franchise is offering the Mets something of value. He is due $11 million for the 2015 MLB season, which might have some teams balking at giving up significant assets, but with his recent performance it seems like a bargain on paper. It may really just come down to whether a team is willing to give the Mets an offer that they cannot help but accept.

On the 2014 season, Colon has made 21 starts for the New York Mets. He has posted a 10-8 record with a 3.88 ERA and has gone 141 2/3 innings. His durability has been pretty impressive for a 41-year-old starting pitcher, which is why it's not really a surprise that interest has surfaced. Colon is the type of pitcher that can consistently get his team into the seventh inning and beyond, saving the bullpen and giving his team a good chance to win every night.

None of the current Bartolo Colon trade rumors indicate that a deal is imminent for the Mets. It doesn't mean that something won't develop as the hours tick down on the MLB deadline, though, especially if some of the other arms come off the market. Any team missing out on names like Jon Lester and David Price could soon be picking up the phone and increasing their offer for Colon. He isn't meant to be the ace of a roster, but could certainly eat up a lot of innings down the stretch.