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‘Bars and Melody’ debut music in America; 'BGT' stars on ‘Ellen Show’ (video)

The fans of “The Ellen Show” got a dose of good music on Thursday as fans watched two young entertainers share an important message. The "Britain's Got Talent" semi-finalists Leondre and Charlie aka "Bars & Melody" performed the anti-bullying rap that they wrote and sang for the auditions of the popular British show for the first time in America. According to Digital Spy on Friday, the young men talked about the bullying they endured in school before becoming famous on the reality show.

Ellen DeGeneres invites Bars and Melody on her show
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Leondre revealed why he wrote his song as he was not accepted in school by peers and felt trapped. Opening up about his experiences of bullying, the young man started writing and it helped him get through a tough time in his life. Getting beat up often at school, it was difficult as the situation wasn't healthy. After hearing a particular beat, he wrote a poem to the music and eventually it became a song that he and he partner performed on the reality show. The anti-bullying message heard in the music definitely touches people around the world.

Leondre and Charlie are a relatively new group. Meeting only in January, the first time the two talked was on social media. The creativity between the two immediately clicked and they started working together. Making music with various music pieces they created together, the two entertainers decided to enter in “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Bars and Melody has made a big impact on the music industry. Their initial audition video has been watched 22 million times on Youtube and continues to grow. Sharing emotions and offering hope, the song really is inspiring to everyone who hears the music.

Take a look at the video clip of Bars and Melody performing on “The Ellen Show.” It’s obvious the two stars are comfortable behind the microphone. Let’s hope they make it all the way on “Britain’s Got Talent” and win the top prize as their message is so important.

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