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Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees is back

Barry Gibb, one-third of the sensational trio "The Bee Gees," is back. Gibb was interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC and was a welcome 'throwback' for television viewers who were fortunate enough to catch him this week on "The Today Show." The 67-year-old Gibb, who is the only surviving member of the pop-turned-disco group comprised of three brothers - Maurice, Robin, and Barry Gibb - is going to hit the concert circuit as a solo performer, according to NBC's on Thursday. He promises to perform some of the legendary hit songs made famous by himself with his brothers.

Barry (top), Robin (middle), Maurice (bottom) Gibb - The Bee Gees

During the interview, interestingly, Lauer asked Gibb to weigh in on Justin Bieber's recent headlines concerning the 19-year-old pop singer's troubles. Highly publicized, Justin Bieber has landed himself in a great deal of trouble with recent stories about allegedly visiting a brothel abroad, egging his neighbor's mansion in Southern California, mixing alcohol (as a minor) with prescription drugs while drag racing in Miami Beach, and having to face assault charges in his native Toronto, Canada. Barry Gibb gave good advice by saying that Bieber - with all the energy he invests in his talent as a singer and dancer - ought to apply that energy to his real life. Specifically, Gibb said, "There's a lot of discipline in what he's doing. Apply that discipline to how you want to behave."

Gibb would be a logical person to advise young entertainers how to keep their heads on straight and survive early-life fame and fortune. After all, Gibb was young when his brothers started making music as a pop group in 1958 as the Brothers Gibb - which was the inspiration for the name The Bee Gees. With his brothers, Maurice and Robin - now deceased - he had great popularity in the 1960s with such pop hits as "Holiday," "New York Mining Disaster 1941," and "To Love Somebody."

It was in the late 1970s that their popularity skyrocketed via their disco recordings for the motion picture soundtrack album "Saturday Night Fever." From that release, they had several chart-topping songs such as "Stayin' Alive," "Night Fever," and "You Should Be Dancing" which was a number one song for the Bee Gees prior to the release of the soundtrack album.

Barry Gibb is also an extremely gifted songwriter. Besides writing songs for the Bee Gees, he has been nominated for Grammy awards for having written for other artists - such as writing "Woman in Love" for Barbara Streisand.

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