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Barriers diminish as telecommuting continues to rise

New York skyline
New York skyline
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It used to be more difficult to telecommute and to find all the needed resources to work from home. As telecommuting has become more common, the barriers to the telecommuting lifestyle have diminished. There are more and more services that have become telecommuter-friendly. There are more and more options that have opened up for telecommuters. Due to the available resources and options, the situations can accommodate more complex solutions utilizing telecommuters and telecommuter-friendly companies.

The idea of telecommuting is not a new one and it is not going away any time soon. This past January, Forbes predicted that “Telecommuting Is The Future of Work.” In March, the New York Times confirmed that telecommuting is on the rise.

Some of the benefits are obvious, like working in one’s pajamas or comfortable jogging outfit. Other benefits include flexible hours and transportation cost savings (for the telecommuter and the company hiring them). There are also other benefits that are increasing as this practice becomes more and more popular with the companies who are implementing this strategy.

The employees, considered full-time employees, have the same benefits as non-telecommuters, but the companies benefit by saving on transportation cost and other costs associated with in-house employees. Schedules benefit, as meetings are no longer dependent on the timing of transportation (especially if it involves the Los Angeles 405 freeway!).

Where to Live Becomes an Open-Ended Option

No longer does one have to telecommute from only one location. With affordable luxury accommodations available in major metropolitan locations, there are hybrid options for the telecommuting. Whether it is luxury apartments in Los Angeles or luxury apartments in New York or anywhere in between, a telecommuter can be in the vicinity of one office on one coast and telecommute to the other coast. This option opens up the concept of having an office on each coast and even providing a luxury apartment option for executives and clients while still connecting to the other offices. This new concept of “global” mixes the old world brick-and-mortar with the new world of virtual connection, allowing the company to provide what the client (or executive) is looking for, no matter what their tastes.

For the telecommuter who only dreamed of having two homes, the reality can be made true, allowing them to have the lifestyle of their dreams and still earn a full-time income.

No longer is telecommuting just for the data entry type jobs. The top level executives are doing more and more telecommuting. With the use of shared office space and virtual offices, this becomes a great way to make a dream into a reality in a start-up venture capital endeavor.

Available Resources and Services

One of the resources that is needed, no matter what region, is internet access. According to Huffington Post, there are some free or inexpensive internet services available for the home. Another option that is becoming quite popular is to work from a coffee shop. With Google Wi-Fi coming in last year in select Starbucks locations, the quality of sound has increased, allowing impromptu Skype conversations while enjoying the favorite cup of java.

For those who are so busy working that they do not have time to shop, there is an option, for a select few, to get their office supplies delivered, same day, from Amazon. According to this Re/code article, there is some hint that groceries may be next, with the Amazon warehouses in New Jersey. Even if same day is not available, office supplies can often be delivered within the week, without ever having to leave the home office.

Telecommuting Can Be For Anyone

This telecommuting trend is clearly picking up speed for the telecommuter and the companies. Just this past month, US News ran an article for the companies, on how to hire really good telecommuters.

As this trend continues, more and more companies, like those mentioned in this article, are becoming telecommuter-aware and offering services, locations, and accommodations that help to benefit the telecommuter. So, whether these companies are providing a way to get online and converse, or a way to kick back and be comfortable while you work, the trend is here, and its here to stay… and grow.

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