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Barracuda attack: Fla. teen injured after barracuda jumps in boat

A teen survived a barracuda attack over the weekend, and he is now recovering from his injuries. The Florida teenager was out fishing with his father when the attack happened. The father and son were out on their boat fishing when they thought they caught the fish. However, the duo had a fight on their hands with this fish. It jumped in the boat and attacked the teenager near Port Orange. The Spread It shared the teen's story on July 25.

Parker King is the name of this 13-year-old teen. He went out fishing with his father last Sunday, and they were trying to reel in the 50-pound barracuda. The fish measured five feet long, and it was not willing to give up its life without a fight. The fish jumped into the boat and attacked the teen. At the end of the attack, Parker had two huge bites on him. The fish took a bite out of his right arm, and a second bite was on his chest.

After the attack, Irwin, Parker's dad, headed back to shore as fast as the boat could take them. He could not call for help because phone reception was horrible in the area. As he got closer to shore, the boy's father was able to reach his wife, and she waited for them to arrive. He reached shore, and he managed to get his son to the hospital. Once there, the boy was treated. It took 27 staples and 17 stitches to fix the damage left by the barracuda.

Irwin revealed that the fish tried to jump onto his boat a second time while he was speeding back toward shore. Shirley King, the boy's grandmother, also spoke out about the incident on Wednesday. She said the following:

"He's sore. His arm is just a mess. He's just very lucky. The thing could have [bit] across his neck."

Parker's biggest concern after the incident was the ability to play baseball again. He is passionate about the sport, and he was concerned that the injuries he received would stop him from holding a bat. Doctors assured him that he would be back on the field in a couple of weeks. Parker returned home on Tuesday. The teen revealed in an interview following the incident that he has no intention to give up fishing. It is his favorite thing to do. However, the teen will never fish for barracuda again. The attack definitely changed the teen's mind about that.

Barracuda attacks like this one are not uncommon at all. Ed Matheson with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spoke out about the fish and their desire to attack after this incident. He said the following:

"It's just like bringing a shark into the boat with you. If you get anywhere near their mouth, you're going to get cut up. There's a lot of bite force there in a fish that big. Most of them aren't as severe as this one. I have heard of bad incidents [in Florida], but they've been few and far between."

Parker King is definitely one lucky teen. This boy's grandmother had that right. The father's quick thinking saved his son as well. This story just shows that anything can happen when you are on the ocean. This incident happened in just one split second. Parker now has a story to share with everyone.

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