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Barracuda attack: Boy bit by a 5-foot barracuda barely survives

You don't hear of a barracuda attack often because they just don't really happen. Now news is out of a boy who was bit by a five-foot barracuda and barely even survived to tell his story. AZ Central shared about what happened to this 13-year-old. This young kid was just out for a fun time in Daytona Beach with his dad. This is a hot spot for vacationing and something that you should know about if you are going to this area.

The boy described that the barracuda came out of the water "like a torpedo" at him and he now has 17 stitches and 27 staples to prove it. It took two surgeries to repair the damage. He is lucky to be alive, but has no plans to stop fishing. This young man is not afraid to go back out on the water again. does mention barracudas as an animal you should watch out for when you are scuba diving. You do not normally hear of them attacking but obviously it happens sometimes. They move at a lightning speed and have a mouth full of very sharp teeth. If you see one coming at you, it can be a really scary sight.

Reports say that they normally don't just attack. It is by mistake or out of wanting to be defensive. Barracudas don't sound like an animal that just goes looking for a fight with a human, but you should beware. After what happened to this young boy, your vacation could turn into a nightmare if you are out scuba diving, fishing or swimming and run into one of these animals.

You should not hunt or feed a barracuda and they are also attracted to shiny objects. Don't forget when going in the water to leave your jewelry at home. This is one of the best ways to protect yourself from ending up with a barracuda attack of your own.

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