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Barracuda attack: Boy attacked by 5-ft, 50-lb barracuda that jumped into boat

A 13-year-old boy is attacked by a barracuda that jumped into his boat while fishing 20 miles off Orlando, Florida.
A 13-year-old boy is attacked by a barracuda that jumped into his boat while fishing 20 miles off Orlando, Florida.
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A huge barracuda jumped into a boat and attacked a 13-year-old boy as his father watched in horror. While on the father-son fishing trip, Parker King saw the giant barracuda in the water and managed to hook him on his fishing line, but that was the last time the father and son were in control of the fish, according to The Spreadit on July 25.

The 5-foot, 50-pound barracuda spit out the fishing hook and jumped into the boat, immediately latching on to Parker's arm and then his chest. The bites that the teen sustained were so big and deep that it looked like he'd been mauled by a bear.

Irwin King, Parker's father, wrapped his son's wounds in towels, but that wasn't the end of this harrowing ordeal. The father-son fishing team was 20 miles off the shore of Orlando, Florida and they didn't have cell phone reception.

The elder King saw that his son was losing just too much blood and the 20-mile-ride into land for help seemed to have gone on for hours. The dad did get Parker on land in time for him to be rushed to the hospital and saved, reports eCanada Now today.

The middle-school student from Port Orange was patched up with 27 staples and 17 stitches both on his upper arm and on his chest. He is at home recuperating today. Parker, who is really big into playing baseball worried that with the injury would stop him from doing that.

The doctor's gave Parker good news, they told him that he would be back out on the baseball field in a couple of weeks! Parker's dad reports that the deep wounds in Parker's arm and chest were serious and if that barracuda had gone a little higher and got Parker in the throat, he probably wouldn't have lived through the 20-mile trek back to land.

According to a scientist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, it is not at all rare that a barracuda with ray fins, such as the one that got Parker, to jump into a boat. These creatures are especially dangerous because they are quick snapping fish with powerful bites that can tear through human flesh, said the expert. The constant snapping of its jaws while it is attacking makes it hard for it's victim to get away.

People are concerned about sharks and shark attacks, but barracuda's are dangerous predators and they too can deliver a deadly bite, sometimes even worse than their ocean dwelling neighbors, the sharks. So what happened to the barracuda? Once he was out of water for a few minutes, he died. The big fish bounced in the back of the boat on the way back to shore, according to Parker's dad.

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