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Barrack Obama and the measure of a man

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The true measure of a man is not found in the inseam with a tape measure. It is not discovered listening to lofty speeches when the world watches. It is deep inside only to be revealed in what a man does and acts when they think it doesn’t matter. We know from Obama he cuts a fine figure in public. His speech writers use the latest polls to make sure his statements resonate with his intended target. But does he measure up to the words he utters? Does he believe in a level playing field where everyone plays by the same set of rules?

With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight we can take a measure of the man that 65 million people voted to give four more years as the leader of the free world. Will his legacy be about the things he accomplished or the man he is?

A real man stands by his friends. Obama scores poorly on this test. Just ask his pastor for 20 years the same man who performed his marriage ceremony, baptized both his children, liberally quoted in his book and the 2004 DNC keynote address, Rev Jeremiah Wright. How about his friend Tony Rezko, who contributed the first dollar and fourteen million other dollars to his senate run. While Barrack did help him get a 93 million government contract he has avoided public mention since the kickback sentence. Obama and Bill Ayers worked together for three years, kicked off the Senate campaign at Bill’s house but by 2008 Obama lawyers were threatening TV stations from reporting anything other than “Bill is just a guy I knew in the neighborhood”. Obviously friends in Obama’s eyes are people to help him achieve power to be discarded when they are no longer needed.

A real man’s word is his bond. By now everyone knows keeping your doctor and health plan was just a sales pitch he had no intention of keeping. But how about the promises to cut the deficit in half, eliminate income tax for seniors making less than $50,000, five days to review every bill, no more illegal wiretapping, or ending the war in Afghanistan and closing Club Gitmo. How about Oprah Winfrey, in exchange for her support in 2008 she was promised exclusive access to Obama. She even set up a group to interface with ideas and suggestions to use with this access. It proved to be another promise not kept. Every Obama promise comes with an expiration date or best used by date.

A real man stands behind his actions. It would seem everything that goes wrong in this administration is either someone else’s fault or Obama didn’t even know about it until he read in the papers .It’s Bush’s war, economy and deficit that Obama can’t fix. From Eric Holders gun running to IRS targeting conservatives to Associated Press phone taps all discovered despite NSA spying in the pages of the National Inquirer. Obama should have a plaque on his desk “In charge of everything responsible for nothing”.

A real man is magnanimous in winning. Not so with Obama, see his statements to Republicans “I won” or you want to change things, win elections. Even those in his administration who vowed to reward their supporters and punish those against Obama. We see a man vindictive even in winning and a man even ready to starve children by ending food stamps just to win a budget battle.

So this is the man that a majority of voters decided should represent America. This is the face of America that we now show the world. Is it any wonder that our standing as a steady ally and an opponent to fear is losing its luster? Is it any wonder when lead by a man such as Obama the country is almost as divided as before the civil war? Electing men that don’t measure up has been a problem with republics for time immortal. Plato noted that “The measure of a man is what he does with power”.

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