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Baroness Brings Back "Yellow & Green"

After a lengthy wait and recovery time, Baroness makes their Detroit return this Friday at St. Andrew's.

Last summer was supposed to be a banner time for the Savannah based band Baroness. The band had been riding a huge wave of critical success with their newly released double album, “Yellow & Green”. The album had shown the most diversity in the band’s catalog to date, and all seemed good. But then August 15th hit for the band and things became seriously derailed. While on tour in England, the band’s bus crashed when it ran into a bad storm, seriously injuring frontman John Baizley, drummer Allen Blickle and bassist Matt Maggoini in the process.

Unfortunately, the bus accident was only the start of the tough times for the band. Baizley spent the next few months on the shelf with a broken arm and leg, only to have Blickle and Maggoini leave the band after the incident. But Baizley and guitarist Pete Adams are regrouping and hired new bassist Nick Jost and new drummer Sebastian Thomson to fill out the new lineup. With the lineup in place, the band has finally set sail on touring behind “Yellow & Green” and building upon their previous momentum.

Baroness finally started back up a spring/summer tour that will keep them in North America through Labor Day weekend, hitting up several festivals along the way. In a roundabout way, Baroness will be a part of the Orion Music and More Festival in Detroit, but instead of being in the festival- the band gets a nice headlining gig doing the pre-party for the festival when it comes to St. Andrew’s Hall on Friday, June 7th. So, if you felt like you would be trying to cram Baroness in with the other bands on Orion, you’re in luck because you’ve got Baroness all to yourself (and probably several hundred others) when they play before the Orion madness gets going.

Baroness plays at St. Andrew’s Hall on Friday, June 7th. Tickets are $18 and are available at Additional tour dates and band info can be found at


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