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Barneys’s Tomoko Ogura and FASHION GIRLS FOR HUMANITY

Tomoko Ogura
Ruven Afanador

Some things are best to be not forgotten this is the case with natural disasters and with this in mind FASHION GIRLS FOR HUMANITY, formerly Fashion Girls for Japan, bring humanitarian services and funds to communities in need through its global network of fashion, and design industry professionals.

On a Friday evening I attended an event at the National Arts Club in Gremecy park. At the event several people gather to hear Barney’s Senior Fashion Director Tomoko Ogura talk about her work and personal life.

There were many questions but, Tomoko came prepared with a digital presentation, something that provided a more detailed view of the work load of this fascinating busy bee who is Tomoko Ogura. She sees hundreds of shows yearly, most non stop back to back and has to be able to keep a level headed mind to be completely attentive to the demands that her position require. And in the mix of it all of she fights with the Arms of Fashion for a cause that aids the people in need after disasters that should be never forgotten.

Tomoko Ogura along with Kikka Hannazawa, Julie Gilhart and Miki Higasa form an outstanding group of professional girls and a organization that thus far has partnered with Japan Society’s Japan Earthquake Relief Fund as well as Toyo Ito’s KISYN in Japan who have been effectively supporting the communities and children in northeastern Japan.

With the interest in raising funds and bringing awareness to the relief and rebuilding efforts for the affected areas in the northeastern regions of Japan, fundraising events such as designer sales have been organized in NYC, LA and other cities with support from designers and the fashion community. They also provide aid to communities that have were affected though architecture for humanity and waves for water such as hurricane sandy. Some of the chic’s events held by the FGFJ (Fashion Girls for Japan) include, 100+ Designers / 100+ Rolling Racks a sale that was total success in Los Angels and lets face it a sale like that is a sale no one can pass.

Watching Tomoko getting over load with questions and seeing how calm and eloquent she responded to each and one of them and admiring her confident sense of style makes you feel thankful someone as brilliant as her is taking time from what could be a consuming work schedule to help others in need.

For more information on Fashion Girls for Humanity events and how to donate visit their site.


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