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Barnes and Noble comes out with their own E-reader, Nook.


(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Barnes and Noble, against competition from Amazon’s Kindle, has released its own E-reader named Nook. Nook, similar to Kindle, is about the size of a paperback novel. It comes with a USB cord and a rechargeable battery, Wifi for downloading, and stores about 1500 books, magazines, or newspapers (additional storage of up to 17,500 books is available), according to the new Barnes and Noble website.

Differences between Nook and Kindle vary but Nook has more features and capabilities compared to Kindle. Some of the major differences include:

  • Highlighting features. This means readers can still take notes and mark up their books as they read them.
  • LendMe Technology. Readers will be able to lend books to their friends for a period of 14 days. Kindle has sharing capabilities but can only be used through iPhone and iPod Touch whereas Nook uses those in addition to PC, Mac, Blackberry, and OS.
  • Color Touch Screen. With Nook readers can touch the screen to go where they need to go; Kindle you have to scroll and click. And color is always a plus.
  • Free WiFi. This is the first e-reader with WiFi capabilities and even better, it’s free when you connect inside a Barnes and Noble store.

Other positive features that make Nook sound better than Kindle is you can try the e-reader out in the store before buying it and Nook is more personal because you can upload your own photos for your own screensaver.

So you’re thinking there has to be a catch - the price, right? The price is the best part. Nook comes with these additional features and sells for $259 on pre-order, the price of Amazon’s Kindle post price-drop (Kindle was selling for a price of $299). If you order now, you’ll get a complimentary book, Malcolm Gladwell’sThe Tipping Point, just for ordering. Most books cost about $10 to download and you don’t have to drive to the store to buy it; it is there when you want it.

Nook is set to release officially and be available to take home after purchase on November 30, 2009.

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  • Kristi Carpenter 5 years ago

    Kind of funny...there's an ad on the sidebar for a Kindle!!

    I am seriously wanting one of these. I have been looking at the Kindle but this one sounds like it may have better features. Maybe I'll put a bug in Santa's ear!!!! Thanks for the info - I didn't realize B&N was coming out with their own version. Now to compare and contrast.....