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Barn tips: Quick cleaning trick

Barn Tip
Barn Tip
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Fur is your worst enemy if you raise rabbits, but no matter what you do, if you raise rabbits you will have fur on your cages! To help combat all the fur and dust, you can vacuum in your barn; keep a small shop vac handy, most rabbits are fine with the noise. When you first turn it on just start slow. Turn on the vacuum for a second and turn it off, giving the rabbits time to get used to the sudden noise. Turn it back on and off again watching for any that may get too startled. Most will settle down after doing this 2 or 3 times, if you have one or 2 that does not settle down remove them from their cage and put them in a carrier, and let them set in carrier on opposite side of barn.

While you vacuum around cages and walls move very slow and steady. Most of the time it is the sudden movement or the clicking sound of the hose rubbing across cage that actually startles them, more so then the noise. Slow and steady movements usually help.

When you have guest coming to visit and you need to do a quick fur clean up, another trick is to use a cheap sponge mop. Just dip ip the sponge mop into a bucket of water and wring it out. Run the mop, slowly over the top and sides of the cages. This picks up a large amount of the hair and dust, giving your barn a quick fresh look.

Need to wipe out their feeders? Just disinfectant wet wipes; While baby wipes do work disinfectant wipes clean a little better and will not bother the rabbits. By the time you come through with fresh pellets the feeders are dry.

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