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Barn tip: Keeping your ac filter clean

Ac filter
Quietcreek Farm

Many rabbit breeders around Texas, and in other warm climate areas, have an air conditioner in their barn, a small window unit, with good insulation can really help. Heat is very hard on a rabbit, so keeping them cool is very important and a necessity to help them continue to thrive during the hot summer months.

Keeping an air conditioner running strong in a barn, where fur and dust is hard to keep under control, can be a challenge. It is very important that the filter is kept clean and best if cleaned out, at least, once a day. It is also a good idea to do a deep clean on the coils, behind the filter, about once a month; a small vacuum or even a tooth brush make the job a little easier.

Another way to help your air condition run best is to add an extra filter. On the outside panel where your filter is held, just attach a regular household ac filter. This gives a little extra protection against the hair and dust that can usually be found in, even the seemingly clean, barns. You might even find that you are able to skip a day or two between cleanings of the inside filter. These filters are very inexpensive and can even be found at your local grocery store; you can also buy one bigger and cut down to size, many times getting 2 out of 1.

Check out a previous article, Barn tip: Cleaning dust and fur off cages, for help on keeping dust and fur to a minimum in your barn.

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