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Barn cat update: Lulu, Sara and Bullwinkle

Lulu and Sara are Jeff's barn cats. Here they are seen shortly after being released from their acclimation cage.
Lulu and Sara are Jeff's barn cats. Here they are seen shortly after being released from their acclimation cage.
Jeff Worth

The last time we posted about barn kittens, Sara and Lulu, they were happily settling into their new barn home, keeping company with a slightly older male barn cat named Bullwinkle whom our rescue organization, Shelter Me Inc, had placed about a year earlier. Bullwinkle's companion had disappeared, probably due to a predator and he was an unhappy guy. Jeff, his devoted owner, asked us to find new companions and we arranged for the New Hamphire-based rescue, Feline Friends, to bring Sara and Lulu to the barn.

Barn kittens Lulu and Sara: a few days after their release
Jeff Worth

After spending the winter in Jeff's barn office and wandering in-and-out of their acclimation cage safely ensconced in the barn, Jeff finally released the girls last weekend and today, we received this happy note from him-

Well, they’re out! Sara and Lulu were free to roam starting last Saturday and boy, have they been roaming. I have more things in the barn that are knocked over, pulled down, tipped sideways or pulled apart than I’ve ever seen before. Clearly, they’re enjoying their new found ability to explore. We’ve seen Sara outside the barn a couple of times sitting near the dog yard and the chicken coop. Neither cat sleeps in with Bullwinkle yet but they both come back into the shop quickly when I ring their dinner bell. All three cats get along quite well although Bullwinkle watches over them with a look that says “What’s wrong with those two little kits, jumping around and bumping into me like that? They need some growing up and I hope it happens soon”. When Bullwinkle is in the shop and the little ones come in, they both run up to him and bump his nose. Sometimes he rolls over and tries to play. Most of the time he just squints his eyes showing that he’s OK with their energy.

Lulu “caught” a dead oak leaf earlier this week and spent a good hour shaking it madly and then dropping it only to pounce on it a few seconds later. It’s good practice for the real thing which I’m sure will turn up in the near future now that spring has arrived (I could be wrong about that after this past winter). Sara is still very skittish but calmly stays in the shop with me every night even if the doors are open. If Lulu is walking by me, I can reach down and pick her up. She’ll let me carry her around for about five minutes before she gets restless. And here’s some exciting news.

Tuesday night I took down the cages and moved them from the shop into the barn. All three cats were interested in what was going on and when I was done, I relaxed in my recliner to watch TV. As usual, Bullwinkle was up in my lap immediately and stretched out from my waist to my ankles. He was warm….I was tired and we both fell asleep almost immediately. Hours later I woke up and glanced to my right. I saw Lulu sitting on the floor looking up at me, almost expecting something. Behind her, up on the window shelf was Bullwinkle. BUT, I felt a cat on my lap and sure enough, I looked down and there was Sara all curled up and sleeping soundly. I stroked her for a few minutes and before I knew it, Lulu jumped up and curled up too. We stayed like that until almost 3:00 AM before I finally got up and formally went to bed.

So, all is well so far. I’ve include some pics from last night. The two “kittens” eating as well as one picture of Bullwinkle being “Lord of the Shop”. I had just finished grooming him and he was looking especially good so I snapped his photo. Of course, he’s sitting on my hat. I’ll never get that hat back again!

I wish you all a Happy Easter and send you my thanks for all your help and support.