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Barletta greets supporters in Kingston

Congressman Lou Barletta addresses supporters at Pierce Street Deli in Kingston
Congressman Lou Barletta addresses supporters at Pierce Street Deli in Kingston
Steve Urbanski

Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11th) greeted a crowd of about fifty supporters at the Pierce Street Deli in Kingston Wednesday evening. The event was hosted by Luzerne County GOP chairman Bill Urbanski and the Luzerne County Republican Party.

Congressman Lou Barletta speaks to supports in Kingston
Steve Urbanski

Barletta joked with the crowd during his short remarks, after being introduced by County Chairman Urbanski. He said that when he got to Washington, D.C., for the first six months, he looked around and wondered , "What am I doing here?" He said after that, he looked around at his fellow reps and thought, "What are they doing here?"

The two term Republican Congressman from Hazleton spoke to an enthusiastic crowd and stressed his signature issue --- illegal immigration. Barletta told the Republican crowd that President Barack Obama is using executive orders to circumvent the actions of the GOP controlled Congress. He talked of Obama recent release of thousands of undocumented aliens, many of whom, according to Barletta, had serious criminal records.

Barletta worked the crowd, greeting and shaking hands of everyone in attendance. He posed for pictures and shared images on his cell phone with members of the crowd.

The Examiner caught up with Barletta and asked him what to expect in the upcoming election. See Barletta interview.

Barletta was first elected to Congress in 2010, after defeating thirteen term incumbent Democrat Paul Kanjorski in his third attempt. Barletta said he remembers that November night in 2010 well. He told the crowd that before the results were known that he knew what the newspaper headlines would say. He said "I knew the headlines would be either, 'three strikes and Barletta's out or third time a charm for Barletta."

Barletta has no opposition in the May 20th primary, but he does face Democrat Andy Ostrowski in November.