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Barkhad Abdi star of 'Captain Phillips' broke: Paid $65,000 for film 2 years ago

Barkhad Abdi, the actor from "Captain Phillips" is broke.
YouTube screen shot

Barkhad Abdi who starred in “Captain Phillips” with Tom Hanks is broke. When he arrived at the Oscars last Sunday night everything had had on him and with him was borrowed, including the car that dropped him off at the 2014 Academy Awards, according to AOL News on March 6, 2014.

The Somali actor was paid $65,000 for his very first role in a movie, which was “Captain Phillips,” but he was paid for that movie two years ago. Since the movie finished filming, he had been working at a cell phone store in Minneapolis, but when the movie premiered, he made his way to Los Angeles.

The film made an astronomical amount of money and Abdi divulged to the New Yorker that he was broke during a recent interview. One writer for the Indie Wire suggests that Abdi sharing with the New Yorker that he is broke might be the first step in changing his lot in life.

With “Captain Phillips” grossing $107 million in the U.S. and $217 million globally, Sony Pictures might cut him a bonus of some type in response to the New Yorker interview. The studio might suffer some embarrassment after hearing that the man who was instrumental in making the film a success is broke and find a way to bonus the now struggling actor.

The good news is that Abdi was recently cast in another movie, “The Place That Hits the Sun,” so he won’t be without a paycheck for long!

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