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Bark in the Park kicks off spring...

It's been a very long winter and there is nothing better to welcome spring than the warmth of the sun, the sounds of baseball and people gathering to have fun.

Bark in the Park...Spring is here!
Bark in the Park...Spring is here!
Bark in the Park

Although the weather did not turn out to be as warm or sunny as promised, it did not stop dogs and their loyal owners from attending Saturday's game at McCoy stadium for "Bark in the Park." And although it was not strictly a rescue-oriented event, it was a great opportunity for welfare organizations and their dogs in need to greet the public and hopefully find support and homes. Dogs such as Asia from the Forever Paws Animal Shelter, who is deaf but doesn't let that stop her from being an incredibly sweet and happy girl. The German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center also showcased fun crafts to support their cause, while the Rhode Island SPCA caught everyone's attention with a little Pomeranian who made it clear that everyone should visit their booth.

As the players warmed up on the field, the crowd of dogs of all sizes, shapes and backgrounds grew larger. Apollo, the rescue Mastiff, roamed slowly around with his owner and was more than happy to get a hug from strangers...lucky me. Marco the "magic dog," who has his own Facebook page, was charming everyone with his wonderful personality and unique story. Great Danes said hello to King Charles Spaniels, Huskies were heard talking their talk and Labradors were playing with any dogs within their reach, and many a little one was seen peeking out from their human's jacket in an attempt to keep warm. And you could not help but laugh at the different colored baseball admission stamps adorning the rear ends of them all.

As game time grew nearer all the dogs and their humans lined up and walked around the edge of the field to the tune of "Who let the dogs out." This display of canine beauty and silliness was bound to make anyone smile regardless of whether they were there for the event, or the actual game. When all had taken their turn the game began and everyone took their seat. Some dogs cuddled on laps, some lay on the ground or bleachers, and others were still busy saying hello to those around them.

Despite the cold, the home team won the game, everyone had fun, and it was yet another reminder that all dogs are wonderful and deserve a day of their own.

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