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Bark parks serve man's best friend

Paws Dog Park
Paws Dog Park
Jaeme Haviland

Pets are often allowed in parks, but occasionally they're the reason the park exists. Case in point? The 'bark park' at 1595 Wildwood Drive in St. Augustine is part of a 47-acre recreation complex that forms the larger Treaty Park. Known as Paws Dog Park, the 32,700 square foot enclosure is designed to let dogs run and interact with each other without the restrictions of a leash, while still remaining secure. A prominent sign at the gated entry point reminds visitors that 'this is a playground for dogs, not for children.' Digging is allowed, but owners must replace their pets divots as well as pick up any 'calling cards' left behind. The playground equipment is sparse- the fake fire hydrant is a favorite target, however there is the watering hole where thirsty pooches can get a drink from one of many available water bowls or straight from the hose.

Paws Dog Park

When you're ready to let your pet's pent up cabin fever loose, you can reach Paws Park by taking either US 1 south or State Road 207 south from the city to Wildwood Drive. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, 365 days of the year.

For more information and directions: Paws Dog Park (904) 209-0385