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Bark it up at this California dog park at Long Beach Recreation Park

The center area of the dog park
The center area of the dog park

Two large dogs, a lab and a retriever, roll around at the top of a sandy hill. A small scruffy dog frantically chases a poodle that’s just not all that interested, and miffed by the rejection, decides to bark his dismay. A woman in sweats pushes a large pipe around while her two shepherds dive in and catapult out the other end. Activity is truly contagious at the Long Beach Dog Park.

Lots of space to roam and shade if you need it.
G. Wendel

The dog park is divided into three areas; two are for any dogs of any size plus there’s a more compact area for small dogs only. The definition of small dog is whatever you want it to be; nothing is posted that offers any information. The center area is the largest and the most popular. Easy to see why; this is where the action is. In addition to the two tunnels and the hill, the amenities include a large Eucalyptus tree trunk, perfect for jumping over as well as a spot for owners to perch.

But wait there’s more; reclaimed fresh water, pooper scoopers and two “bark boards”; where postings of the latest events are plentiful. Elder Eucalyptus trees provide generous shade. And, don’t worry if you forgot that all important tennis ball; there’s an ample supply of them laying around, mostly in new, not mangled, condition.

The grounds are a mighty blend of sturdy sand and dirt. No grass, but none of the dogs seemed to mind. For weary humans, there are plenty of benches as well as resin chairs for moving to your favorite spot.

This park is part of a larger recreational area in the City of Long Beach, California. The dog park is open daily from 6AM to 10PM, rather generous open hours thanks to evening lighting. The park may be closed from 6:30 to 10AM on Mondays for maintenance.

Long Beach Dog Park is located at 5201 E 7th Street, between Santiago Avenue and Federation Drive, in Long Beach. Very easy to get to from the 405; take the CA-22 West exit; CA-22 becomes East 7th Street. A short three mile drive, and you’ll find the park on the right hand side. Click here for a map.

For general information about the park click here.