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Bark For Bucks - Meow For Meals

Be at Guadalajara Grill 5:00 - 7:00 on May 8th
Be at Guadalajara Grill 5:00 - 7:00 on May 8th
Angie Due

Project Moral Compass Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. Their mission is simple “To feed the people and animals that are in need, so that no soul goes hungry or without. We at Project Moral Compass Inc. are all about being of service and reaching out to those who are in need. It started out with the desire to feed people, but soon our path changed.” This is the story of how Moral Compass changed to include fur-people, animals that would otherwise be homeless and starve to death.”

“I started this because I've been a long time volunteer at the soup kitchen. A homeless woman gave her dog half of her sandwich and said, " This may be the only meal we get today." So I took my Christmas money, went to Costco and bought dog food. That was two years ago,” Founder Angie Johnson Due told me. Feeding animals at the local soup kitchen is not the only goal of those at Project Moral Compass. “Project Moral Compass Inc. is starting a program to spay and neuter animals. Change needs to take place to stop animals who are often left homeless, abused, neglected and hungry. Each and every friday, Project Moral Compass Inc. distributes dog and cat food to the needy/homeless pet owners”.

Like anything else, this takes funds. That is where you come in. Angie is doing a live event, Bark For Bucks, Meow For Meals, on May 8th at Guadalajara’s in Lake Elsinore (home to Project Moral Compass). She is going to mix her love of people and animals with her love for music. At the event there will be a silent auction. Included in that auction is a Meet and Greet dinner with Robert Cruz, the bass player for The Elizabeth Kill, a rock- alternative band.

If you are more of an old school metal fan, you can do a meet and greet with Mandy Lion. If you don’t know him, you can find him on tour now heading to Rocklahoma. You can also catch him and his band on That Metal Show that gets filmed this August in Romona, California.

You can also bid on a painting done by Coco who is a Disney artist. She is amazing. I put up a post about this event and she contacted me within minutes to be a part of it. It is that commitment from the community that will help this event be successful and help us feed the animals.

To sum it up, you can help feed homeless animals, get a meet and greet dinner at the legendary Rainbow in LA, and score some art. So save the date - May 8th. Get to Guadalajara’s in Lake Elsinore and have fun for a cause!

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