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Bargain budget shopping in Biloxi

America's Thrift Store has great bargains! Check it out!
America's Thrift Store has great bargains! Check it out!
Photo by Barry's Blackberry

Just a short drive from Hattiesburg is Ocean springs, Mississippi. Aside from being a delightful small town, there happens to be a great thrift store within its midst. Located on HWY 90 in Ocean Springs is America's Thrift Store. This thrift store has all types of used items that have been donated to the store. In fact, on Saturday I purchased a very nice pair of jeans for $9.

For a map to the store click here.

There are rows and rows of good used clothing that will keep you busy shopping for at least an hour. 

Last year, at Christmas, I purchased my father a used 30 inch television (for $79) from this very same thrift store. It was a beautiful t.v. and he's still using it. 

If you need a bicycle for a child then you can find them for two and three dollars. A low price indeed! And these bikes are in excellent condition. Every time I've visited this America's Thrift Store in Ocean Springs there have been bikes available for children ages 5 - 12. And each time the bikes were priced for two or three dollars. Isn't that hard to beat?

You'll also find a great selection of used books, furniture, and other house wares.


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