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Barfly: Austin's Distant Dive

Barfly Jukebox
Barfly Jukebox

There seems to be a consistent opinion at this bar, it is full of character. Among the grunge and hipster spirit dwells an alternative bar with a cool patio and lots of places to relax. Some of the highlights of this bar include the retro jukebox, video game consoles and the competitive foosball!

There is a large smoking patio with space to escape from the inevitable ruckus inside. This bar is not entirely handicap friendly since the sole point of entrance is up a colossal staircase. Excuse the sarcasm, guess it isn't for everyone. Once inside the mood is set with a dimly lit room comprised of inviting pool tables with steep competitors.  

This bar was originally another noteworthy dive bar called Charlie's Attic, many of the frequenters that grazed the bar in its early stages revert to Barfly to rise to the same exaltation. It is to their favor that this locale is one of many unique places in the city where cheap and strong drinks are in abundance.

Barflys has been bringing in a slew of hard drinkers, blue collar and affluent alike.  Many of this bar's patrons are merely a few blocks away it is a common place for its locals. It is the stomping ground for the famous Happy Meal. This is why the regulars make the dissent to the top, to enjoy the experience. 


5420 Airport Blvd, Ste B
Austin, TX 78751


For more info on this bar visit Yelp:Barfly's


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