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Barefoot in Roatan

The gazebo at Barefoot Caye
The gazebo at Barefoot Caye
Photo by Maggie Dobbins


  • Debbra Brouillette - Dallas Tropical Travel Examin 6 years ago

    I know tourism was hurt here badly by the unrest on mainland Honduras, and the State Dept's warning to not travel to Honduras, which has since been lifted. Just wondering if it appears tourism has begun to make a comeback here. It used to be on my list of places to go someday... Perhaps it needs to go back on the list...

  • Pauline 6 years ago

    Zip lines are the new thing, and are really fun.

  • Maggie 6 years ago

    Hi Debra,
    Yes I would put it back on your list! Tourism is picking up but deals are still available!

  • Roatan Girl 6 years ago

    Great article! Small but important correction: Barefoot Cay and many of Roatan's well-known dive sites are on the SOUTH side, not the North. :)

  • Maggie, Islands Examiner 6 years ago

    Roatan girl--You are, of course, so right! I have the north/south all screwed up. Mea culpa. I will correct in my next dispatch on Roatan. Thank you!

  • Maggie, Islands Examiner 6 years ago

    Made the important north/south correction so the article is now correct. Barefoot Cay is on the south side as is a lot of fantastic diving!

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