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Barefoot man chasing a car is arrested for drug possession

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Manchester police officers arrested a man who had been chasing a moving car while barefoot in less than 20 degree temperatures, yelling at the women in the car and then kneeling down in the road in front of the car. The man ignored the officer’s attempts to communicate with him and was combative and boisterous, according to a Thursday, Feb. 13, 2014 press release by Manchester Police.

Police said Domaka Opgah, 28, of Manchester is charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug (Cocaine), Disorderly Conduct, for causing public alarm and Resisting Arrest.

Officer R. Youngs was patrolling the area of Hanover Street and Union Street at 10:00 p.m. on February 12th, 2014, when he observed a barefoot male running northerly on Union Street. Officer Youngs approached the male subject due to the fact that the ambient temperature at the time was less than 20 degrees and the subject had been chasing a moving motor vehicle, the release stated.

The officer witnessed the subject, later identified as Domaka Opgah, yelling at the occupants of the vehicle, which caused the female driver to stop in the middle of Union Street, north of Hanover Street. At this time, Opgah knelt down in front of the vehicle and refused to move. Opgah failed to respond to the officers’ questions and refused to follow the officers’ commands to vacate the roadway.

Opgah violently pulled away from Officer Youngs and incoherently mumbled words to him as the officer attempted to conduct a quick “pat down” to ensure Opgah had not been in possession of a weapon.

Officer Brett Fernald arrived on scene as this was taking place and Opgah continued to be noncompliant. He eventually was “drive stunned” with the Taser while he was being handcuffed. Opgah told the officers to continue tazing him as it had little to no effect on him. He also advised the officers that they were his combatants and claimed he was at war with the officers. Throughout the booking process, Opgah continued to be combative and boisterous as well.

It appeared to the officers that the elderly female occupants did not know Opgah. Shortly after Opgah was taken into custody, the unidentified females left the area. During the booking process, officers located .5 grams of cocaine in Opgah’s possession, therefor he was charged with the drug offense.

Source: Manchester Police Department

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