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Bare Knuckle Boxing Continues To Make Its Emergence Onto The Fight Sports Scene

Bare Knuckle Fighting
Bare Knuckle Fighting

Since the first sanctioned Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) bout since 1889 took place August 5, 2011, the original form of combat has been on a slow rise throughout the world as fighters and promoters alike have done their part in spreading awareness of the sport and making efforts to make it as mainstream as gloved boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA).
Since that date three years ago today—when undefeated and undisputed heavyweight BKB champion of the world Bobby Gunn knocked out Richard Stewart in round 3, BKB has caught the attention of fight fans, analysts, promoters and more on a worldwide basis.
While many people think of street fighting and bum fighting when they hear of “bare knuckle” fighting, it is actually quite the opposite. BKB requires as much technique—if not more—than gloved boxing, as you have to pick your shots to ensure you don’t break your hands.
“Bare knuckle boxing is not about going out there and throwing haymakers as if you are in a bar fight,” said Chris Cella, who has worked alongside Bobby Gunn for the past three years. “If you watch Bobby fight, he is like technician out there, slipping punches, setting up his attack, much like a Chess master, seeing what he wants to do, and then executing. It’s all about precision. Bobby has worked with me one-on-one with BKB, and after a few underground bare knuckle fights, I currently pass on the techniques at my gym BC Boxing. It is all about control and poise.”
In the past year Gunn’s team and company, BKF—Bare Knuckle Fighting—have worked hard and have gotten BKB approved in five states, and currently are in the works of planning major events to contend with top MMA/Boxing championship caliber shows.
“We believe that BKB is the sport of the future,” says Gunn. “Everybody loves the action because it is the original and primal form of combat. I have the most respect for the MMA fighters who work on their ground games, but fans want to see two warriors stand toe-to-toe and bang. Sanctioned BKB is going to give them what they want to see. We have a lot of big things in the works, and we look forward to making some huge announcements in the next few weeks. The end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 is going to put BKB on the fight world map.”
As adamant as Gunn is about promoting Bare Knuckle Boxing and ensuring it becomes the most popular fight sport, he continues to live up to his title as the best in the world at his trade. Currently undefeated, he still never shies away from a challenge, and stays active within the bare knuckle circuit whenever the opportunity rises.
“Fighters fight, plain and simple. Nowadays, especially with the rise of BKB on an international level, there are a lot of phonies and popcorn organizations coming to surface around the world, but we are the only true and legit one that has held the ONLY sanctioned bout. BKB is the fight sport of the future.”
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