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Bard's Tale Kansas City Retail Locations


Two weeks ago, (right before crawling into bed to recover from the strangest flu ever) I posted an article to introduce Kansas City to The Gluten Free Challenge sponsored by Pamela’s and GIG. In that article there was also a callout to local businesses to participate as well by offering gluten free specials in support of the people who accept the challenge. Well, despite a great response from consumers and gluten free families, the business front has been noticeably quiet- With one glowing exception.

Right after publishing the article, I received a lovely email from Brian Bizer, CFO at Bard’s Tale Beer. He said he was right on board with the idea of a gluten free challenge and, “As for running a ‘special’ on Bard’s, our distributor and the retailer would need to work that out, but if there are specific retailers that you know will be active with the challenge, please let me know and I will try to influence getting a ‘special’ in place.”

Amazingly sweet of him, huh? He also sent a list of Kansas City retailers where Bard’s Tale Beer can be found. Good information to have, since consumers should try and use their purchase power to support the companies that support us. Oh, and if you happen to call and request a “special” for the challenge...Who knows?

Enjoy your Bard's! Please remember to drink responsibly!



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