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Barbie wins Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover: 'I work out 10 hours daily'

Kate Upton, Heidi Klum, Christie Brinkley and Brooklyn Decker may want to form their own club: "Supermodels shoved aside by Barbie." Yes, it's true: Mattel's iconic Barbie doll is flaunting that impossibly tiny waist in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's 50th anniversary issue, reported the Los Angeles Times. The campaign, which will feature Barbie, will also include the other supermodels. And the campaign's name says it all: "Unapologetic."

So since the campaign obviously won't apologize, we will. So sorry, Kate Upton, for all those hours you put into the gym working out, only to get kicked aside by Ms. Barbie (heck, we don't think Barbie Babe ever got married to Ken - smart guy, must have known he'd be kicked to the curb when she had a chance at fame).

But we decided to give the doll a chance at defending herself. And here's what she said:

People mock my waist size. But what they don't realize: I work out 10 hours each day in the official doll gym.

Those nightmares that haunt little girls? Yup, they're true: While they're trying to sleep, I'm sitting there in Barbie's Dream House doing 100 sit-ups every hour.

As for diet? Don't make me laugh. Have you ever seen actual food among Barbie's accessories? Poodles and purses, that's all that I get.

Just how did Barbie get chosen over the competition? Apparently Sports Illustrated's editors feel she earned it, because the magazine will proclaim her "The doll that started it all."

And manufacturer Mattel (also known in doll language as Barbie's Mommy-Daddy), defended the choice, reported Fox Sports.

"As a legend herself, and under constant criticism about her body and how she looks, posing . . . gives Barbie . . . and her fellow legends an opportunity to own who they are," said Lisa McKnight, Mattel's senior vice president of marketing.

We're sure all those "fellow legends" like Heidi Klum and Kate Upton are thrilled to be compared to Barbie.

In reality, however, we don't' think they had a chance, due to the leg theory. Or, as Kate's and Heidi's trainer David Kirsch recently pointed out to Katie Couric: A-list legs are everything.

"Sexy, toned, long and lean,” he said when describing the goals of his killer leg routine. You can get the full details, including what real world supermodels do to earn those adjectives, by clicking here.

Our take on it: Barbie could benefit from a nice slice of pizza.

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